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We are the first-choice digital coaching platform, matching life and business coaches to you, your staff and customers, at the click of a button.

The comprehensive online coaching solution

HelloCoach seamlessly integrates into your HR, ESG, OD, change management strategy, or benefits package.

Who we make an impact on

Pressed for time?

Who isn’t? That’s why we’ve developed short-form coaching that perfectly fits within three packages: HelloCoachⓇ CORE, HelloCoachⓇ PLUS, and HelloCoachⓇ C-SUITE. These keep conversations highly focused and can be completed in 40-60 minutes. Long-form coaching has its place, but time isn’t exactly on everyone’s side.

Is finding the right coach always so burdensome?

Not anymore. Our simple, user-friendly app ensures you end up with the right coach for your needs. No room for analysis-paralysis here, as your coaches are perfectly linked to specific life and business topics of your choosing

Everybody can and should have a coach

It’s not just for elite business leaders anymore. By bringing costs down, you can afford coaching for all levels of your organization. From janitor to CEO, we have options for everyone.

Coaching For Yourself

Start your personal journey toward self discovery and growth. Buy credits on the app, and book your coaching session today.

Coaching For Your Staff

Empower your team, retain talent and improve your company performance through holistic coaching at all employment levels.
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Coaching For Your Customers

Maintain loyalty by sponsoring coaching to each and every customer. A cost-effective value add for large membership bases.

Over 60’000 hours of coaching experience, moving people forward one topic at a time

How we make an impact


on individuals

  • Promotes understanding of your own values and purpose
  • Increased mental health and resilience
  • Boosting creativity
  • Heightened self-awareness

on organisations

  • Increases productivity and engagement
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Improves customer experience and team cohesion,
  • Benefits to bottom-line gains.

70.7% reduction in stress levels

48.5% increase in mental fitness & well-being

51% increase in energy levels

39% increase in happiness

41.5% increase in hopefulness

Getting an outside perspective on current situations in your personal and work life is what I achieved with HelloCoach. It was a great experience and will definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their current capabilities.
nicholas davidson
nicholas davidson
HelloCoach in my experience has been delivering an impeccable service ; bringing to us coaching as a digital solution to modern day challenges we encounter both personally and professionally. What stands out the most to me is their soul mission to make coaching accessible to everyone.
Amanda Ndwe
Amanda Ndwe
HelloCoach is making waves in well-being and wellness ! Coaching is the way forward 😀. I would recommend this platform for a confidential space to unpack work or personal related issues with a professionally trained coach. To assist with finding clarity, insights and awareness …as a professional coach having walked this journey myself I know how beneficial it has been.
Karen Cohen
Karen Cohen
I absolutely love being part of the dynamic Hello Coach team!
Alexa Stafford
Alexa Stafford
Wonderful coaching organization with highly qualified professionals. I highly recommend their services.
Rosa Zimmermann
Rosa Zimmermann
I am a coach affiliated and certified by a number of reputable coaching communities accross the globe. What stands out for me being a HelloCoach member is the level of engagement and a closely knit community which creates safe and conducive environment for learning and sharing useful information with other HelloCoach coaches which makes constant improvement a realisable dream .
Lovemore T Kuwana
Lovemore T Kuwana
Allround a great experience!
Crispin Swart
Crispin Swart
Hello Coach is such a brilliant, easy to use and powerful way to make coaching affordable and accessible to everyone, and everyone does need coaching at sometime.
Melody Tomlinson
Melody Tomlinson
What an insightful experience with Hello Coach! The platform provided me with an opportunity to do much needed introspection and become more self aware. The coach was also exceptional in her method of communication and coaching style. Highly recommended!
Falon Kisundas
Falon Kisundas
The session was engaging, empowering and powerful. I will recommend this at any given time.
Ellen Mokoena
Ellen Mokoena

Depression and anxiety can affect anyone, even during the best of times. As a former McKinsey partner put it, having a mental health issue simply means being human. The global pandemic has made it even more challenging to address mental health and substance use disorders, with COVID-19 potentially causing a 50% increase in conditions like PTSD. However, providing employees with the help they need or offering coaching as a benefit can be expensive.

Recognizing this, innovative ideas are emerging to address this issue, such as HelloCoach®. This organization provides practical interventions and solutions that are leading the way in this space. It is time for businesses to think outside the box.

Being a part of the HelloCoach® community is a unique experience. From coaches to service teams, everyone is valued and thrives in their work. HelloCoach® matches individuals with a professional coach who is perfectly suited to their needs, reinforcing the importance of recognizing ones values and personal awareness. And what’s more, the Users can select the same coach as last, so their journey is assured.

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HelloCoach® takes pride in the role it plays in its each person’s life and the outcomes achieved. If you share HelloCoach®’s values and want to make a difference in your life and by extension the lives of those around you, book a session. And remember, HelloCoach® understands that everyone is unique, so be authentic, honest, and committed to learning new ways to move forward. By doing so, you tap into your own resourcefulness, and HelloCoach® can help you achieve your goals and ensure that YOU move forward.


HelloCoach® provides a unique software as a service product to Users globally, connecting them to professional coaches through a unique booking App. Security is a key component from the moment a User visits the App, through to the point where they make a booking and finally when they engage with their coach via a selected video portal. At all times, we strive to ensure that your Personal Information is secure and many steps have been taken to provide the safest possible environment when it comes to data storage. Read more.

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