Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a coach do?

A coach is an experienced individual who offers a proactive approach to identifying focused outcomes for you to use to move yourself forward.

2. How can a coach help a person?

The coach will assist in unlocking cognitive and emotional alternatives and solutions to challenge conventional ways of thinking. A coach is hugely beneficial provided the user is open to explore possibilities and be coached. “You can only help a person who is willing to be helped”.

3. When do you know you need coaching?

When you feel overwhelmed, burnt out, at wit’s end, indecisive, or at a crossroads in your life, then a coach is a perfect partner. Also, high performing individuals seeking further growth would benefit immensely from coaching interventions.

4. Why is HelloCoach® unique?

HelloCoach® is a dynamic Application linked to a real time platform, whereby multiple users can simultaneously book professional coaches, aligned to their needs for sessions when it suits them most.

5. How do you find/select the right coach for you?

HelloCoach® offers 34 different topics to choose from, and expert coaches to match these. Once you have chosen your topic and submitted a booking request, HelloCoach® will match you to an appropriate professional coach with expertise in your chosen topic.

6. How popular is coaching in SA?

Coaching is gaining traction in South Africa, especially during these pandemic times. More and more companies and individuals are starting to explore and make use of coaching as part of their personal development goals.

7. How many coaching sessions do you need to achieve successful outcomes?

Traditional coaching agreements are 4 – 8 sessions over a 2 to 6 month period. It is however up to the individual, with some people needing as little as one session just to re-align and continue on their journey. Our interventions are 40 minute, transactional POWER sessions.

8. What are the normal coaching costs – Personal or Business/Executive?

Professional coaching can cost anything from R750 to R5000 per session, depending on the experience and qualifications of the coach. All HelloCoach®, all our coaches are COMENSA and/or ICF accredited, and the price per sessions closer to R699, bringing coaching within reach for many more people.

9. Where can you search for coaches?

Google searches are popular but HelloCoach® makes it far easier and efficient. We have coaches specialising in 34 DIFFERENT topics, so almost every need covered, all on ONE platform.

10. How does a coach actually coach on the HelloCoach® platform ?

When you choose a topic, and book your session, the last field to complete is your Method of engagement with the coach. There are 3 different methods to engage with your coach, via WhatsApp audio, WhatsApp video or Computer video call. It’s your choice.

11. Do you select a coach based on their experience or their training?

HelloCoach® only provides coaches with experience and who are COMENSA or ICF accredited and matching coach to the user is important, and our App is designed to make navigation and Topic selection, super-easy.

12. Can coaching offer, medium-term and long-term solutions?

Yes, coaching offers a variety of intervention solutions for immediate guidance or multiple interventions for longer-term shifts. Coaching is always solutions based.

13. What is transactional/transitional/transformational coaching?

Transactional coaching is short-term, focused interventions.

Transitional coaching is a medium to longer term interventions.

Transformational coaching is a more semi-permanent commitment to regular coaching interventions.

14. What will coaching do for my business as a whole if I get everyone onto the program?

The power of coaching in the hands of the greater staff populace would grow general EQ consistently across the board. Coaching everyone in a business builds a collective “resilience” and individual “resourcefulness”, which is a powerful company-wide staff attribute for business growth and excellence as a whole.

15. Can small businesses afford coaching for their staff?

Yes most definitely on the HelloCoach® App and platform which is designed around professionalism and affordability.

16. Is it possible to add HelloCoach® to a company’s benefit schedule?

Yes. HelloCoach® is designed to integrate into the benefit schedules of medical aids, insurance company’s, banks or businesses that manage large databases that want to add value to their benefit proposition.

17. Is coaching for the entire staff complement affordable for big business?

Yes, with the HelloCoach® sliding scale of pricing for differing size user bases, it becomes more and more affordable, as the user base grows, especially on the fixed fee pricing model.

18. What are the coaches qualifications on HelloCoach®?

All HelloCoach® coaches are COMENSA and/or ICF accredited.

19. What is the minimum age to be coached?

The HelloCoach® service is only available to people who are 18 years and older.

20. What makes a coach a good coach?

A good coach is experienced, compassionate, objective, has empathy, is passionate about their work, and wants to make a difference in many lives. A good coach is one that can help YOU unlock YOUR pathway forward, and empower you to build your own resilience.

21. How can HelloCoach® service over 5 million users plus?

With the ability to upscale our pool of coaches exponentially, HelloCoach® can service thousands of users weekly off its innovative platform and video engagement methodology.

22. Who can benefit from coaching?

Everyone! Personal growth has no end.

23. How can HelloCoach® be so cost effective?

The program design is based on scale and take up over a 12 month rolling period, and our coaches are scattered globally, reducing overhead costs and passing the savings onto users and companies.

24. Can HelloCoach® service international clients?

HelloCoach® is designed to reach and provide services to a global audience.

25. How secure is the HelloCoach® APP?

We use market-leading technology to protect user data. All your user information including personal information, session usage, communications are protected using SSL certificates and AES-128 (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.

26. What is the difference psychotherapy and coaching?

Coaching is more focused on helping you achieve your future goals, with key focus on what “tools” can be used to get you moving forward, to where you want to be next in your journey. Psychotherapy tends to have more of a past and present focus in terms of “healing” from the past.

27. Is coaching covered by the Medical Aid?

No, not currently, however, it may soon be added to medical aid plans as a benefit, whereby coaching sessions will be allocated as part of a benefit schedule, depending on your chosen plan.

28. Is coaching part of a SETA?

Not yet, but work is being done currently to align to a SETA.

29. Can coaching be structured to fit into a SETA?

Absolutely yes, currently HelloCoach® is being assessed by experts in the SETA environment to provide recommendations as to how to align.

30. Should coaching be introduced into EAP / EWP programs?

Certainly, Coaching bridges a glaring gap between personal well-being and uncertainty, and therapy type intervention, often negating the need for therapy. Coaching is more often than not the perfect intervention for individuals before potentially regressing into depression or mental/emotional break-down.

31. What’s the difference between EAP and Coaching?

EAP is a work-based program that offers confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees who have personal and/or work-related problems, whereas coaching fills the void between emotional/cognitive challenges and an EAP advisory type clinical intervention.

32. How do you know when you need a coach?

When you are undecided, unclear, you feel lost, you doubt yourself, lack a clear vision or path forward, need a sounding board, tend to be forgetful or even catch yourself continually procrastinating. These are some of the signals that a coach would be of great help. Conversely, to move one’s self/career/business to the next or higher level of performance and clearer direction.

33. How can I become a coach?

There are many reputable coaching institutions globally that offer coaching courses from short courses right through to more complex and longer-term courses. Choose an institution that fulfils your personal value set.

34. How can I become a coach on the HelloCoach® platform?

By visiting the HelloCoach® website at, you will find a link near the Contact section which will allow you to complete an application form. A consultant will contact you to provide feedback on your application once it has been assessed.